Our History

Our History Our Heritage

What we come from what we aspire to

Originating from a family with saltwater running through their veins, our ancesteries has a long and proud heritage of being active in the maritime industry. Throughout the ages, our family has been irresistibly drawn to the sea, maybe because we originate from the island of the Vikings. 

Our ranks are filled with seafarers, fishermen, and lighthouse keepers, so it was no surprise when two brothers from this very family began their journey choosing the life of a seafarer working on a variety of vessels before founding their own company with the ambition of bringing their collective experiences from the many different facets of the shipping industry.

The vision was to create a company that puts the customer first, prioritizes safety, and respects the environment, while also being at the forefront of technological advancement. They objective is to build a company that would not exhaust or exploit the nature or the planet, but still make travel easy and comfortable.